Due to COVID-19, the Reorganization and Delegate Selection processes have changed.

Delegate Selection: As part of the Presidential Primary process, delegates are elected to the District and State Conventions, and – ultimately – to the National Convention in Milwaukee, WI. Applications are now closed to be a national delegate and to vote for them. If you had applied for an electronic ballot, you have until 11:59 pm ET on June 14, 2020 to cast your ballot for district delegates.

Reorganization: Kentucky Democrats elect new bodies to govern the party – from precincts to counties (and legislative districts if you live in Fayette or Jefferson County) and, finally, to the state level. This process has been moved to 2021. Please read Chair Self’s memo for additional details. If would like to┬ástay connected on the details of reorganization, please sign up here. If you are a member of a County Party, and are looking for guidance on operating during a pandemic, please read our guidance here.

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