2020 Delegate Filing Form

Democratic National Convention 2020 Delegate Filing Form for Kentucky Democrats

Delegates and Alternates will be allocated to presidential candidates to fairly reflect the expressed presidential preference of the primary voters statewide. 

Persons eligible to be considered for PLEO Delegates are big city mayors, state-wide elected officials, state legislative leaders, state legislators, and other state, county and local elected officials and party leaders.

All persons who wish to run for PLEO, District-Level, At-Large, or At-Large Alternates must fully complete this statement of candidacy, pledge of support and loyalty oath form and file it with the Kentucky Democratic Party by May 22, 2020 at 5 pm ET. The form may be mailed to the Kentucky Democratic Party, PO Box 694, Frankfort, KY 40602 (all applications must be RECEIVED BY May 22, 2020); Faxed to (502) 470-7353; or e-mailed to info@kydemocrats.org.