A new home for Kentucky
Democrats is coming.

Friends -

I hope you’ll join me in building a new home for Kentucky Democrats at the Kentucky Democratic Party.

Kentucky Democrats have done some amazing things for this state -- from the state park system in the '50s, to our community college system in the '60s, to the country-leading implementation of the Affordable Care Act here in Kentucky that we called Kynect.

We're a party that cares about the middle class -- that believes everyone who works should make enough money to put food on the table and a roof above their head, and that nobody should die for lack of access to affordable health care.

It's been just two years of the Bevin administration, but we've seen enough. The people of Kentucky are rising up, in protests and town halls in communities everywhere. And they're with the Democratic Party, the party of the people -- not the party of the Koch Brothers and Steve Bannon and their twisted ideological fantasies.

This is a new role for me, and making a new Democratic Party also means a new role for you.

Join us above, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to launch, or if you’re so included, we’d love to have your financial support as well.


-Ben Self
Chair, Kentucky Democratic Party

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