Julie Tennyson
SD-02 Candidate
Senator Dorsey Ridley
SD-04 Senator & Candidate
Crystal Chappell
SD-O6 Candidate
Bob Glenn
SD-08 Candidate
Senator Dennis L. Parrett
SD-10 Senator and Candidate
Paula Setser-Kissick
SD-12 Candidate
Stephanie Compton
SD-14 Candidate
Nicole Britton
SD-16 Candidate
Senator Robin Webb
SD-18 Senator and Candidate
Dave Suetholz
SD-20 Candidate
Carolyn Dupont
SD-22 Candidate
Rachel Roberts
SD-24 Candidate
Karen Berg
SD-26 Candidate
Denise Gray
SD-28 Candidate
Paula Clemons-Combs
SD-30 Candidate
Jeanie Smith
SD-32 Candidate
Susan Haddix
SD-34 Candidate
Sheri Donahue
SD-36 Candidate
Andrew Bailey
SD-38 Candidate
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