Important Dates & Deadlines 

Monday, October 5, 2020

  • Last day to register for November 3 General Election. Register at

Friday, October 9, 2020

  • Last day to request an absentee ballot through the portal at

Tuesday October 13, 2020

  • Early voting begins. Contact your county clerk for early voting locations

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

  • General Election — absentee ballots MUST BE postmarked by this day. Check with your county clerk for in-person voting on this day.

Friday, November 6, 2020

  • All absentee ballots must be received by this day.

How To fill-out your Absentee Ballot

  1. To vote for your choice in each contest or question, completely fill in the box to the left of the candidate’s name or ballot question
  2. Mark only one choice for each contest or question. If you mark more than one choice your vote for the contest or question will not be counted
  3. If you make a mistake circle your choice.
  4. If you are voting straight party ticket you still have to fill in your nonpartisan races- i.e- school board, judges,  city council
  5. Please make sure you read and fill in choices for constitutional amendments on the back.
  6. Do NOT tear off the flap of the yellow envelope. If you accidentally tear it off, be sure to enclose it in the white envelope.
  7. If someone assists you in marking your ballot, you and that person will need to complete and sign the voter assistance form on the detachable flap of the yellow absentee inner envelope
  8. Witnesses are not required for your ballot if you did not receive any assistance
  9. Sign BOTH the inner and outer envelopes.
  10. Make sure your ballot is sealed inside the inner YELLOW envelope. Then put the yellow envelope inside the white envelope.
  11. No need for postage
  12. Ballots can be returned via USPS or Dropboxes set up by the County Clerk. Please visit your county clerk website or call for dropboxes location.


How do I find my polling place?

How do I register to vote or update my registration?

Can I still vote in person?

  • Early voting in-person is available every workday between Oct. 13 and Election Day and every Saturday for at least 4 hours. Every county clerk will provide a location for safe in-person voting
  • Early voting is not absentee voting – anyone can vote early for any reason
  • County Election officials will decide election sites on Election Day. The State Board of Election, Secretary of State, and Governor will approve each plan.
  • Each county will have at least one voting supercenter where everyone from the county can go vote, regardless of his or her precinct
  • Be sure to check your polling location before going to vote.

How do I vote absentee?

  •  You can also request an absentee ballot through the online portal now through Oct. 9.
  • All absentee ballots will include pre-paid postage and must be postmarked by Election Day — Nov. 3 — and received by Nov. 6 in order for your ballot to be counted.
  • See above for step by step guidance.

Who do I reach out to if I have questions?

Call 833-GO-VOTE-KY with any voting-related questions or to report issues.

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