June 4, 2019 Blog

5 Questions Bevin Needs to Answer About the Firestorm Surrounding Lt. Governor Hampton’s Fired Staff

The Kentucky Democratic Party is raising the following questions after Matt Bevin claimed that “I don’t have any knowledge of the situation involving this individual” in response to questions about the firing of Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton’s deputy chief of staff, which set off a firestorm and public feud with Hampton.

Discussing Hampton’s deputy chief of staff’s firing, Bevin also said, “There’s a method; people aren’t let go indiscriminately. There’s always reasons.” However, Bevin has refused to provide any additional detail.

“Matt Bevin is clearly being dishonest with the people of Kentucky. He needs to stop hiding and come clean about how his administration is deliberately undermining Lt. Governor Hampton,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Spokesperson Marisa McNee.

5 Questions Matt Bevin Needs to Answer About Lt. Governor Hampton’s Fired Staff:

  • Why was Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton’s deputy chief of staff fired without her knowledge?

  • Who authorized the letter from Troy Robinson that fired Jenean Hampton’s deputy chief of staff and did anyone direct him to write that letter?

  • Does the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet also have the ability to fire the governor’s staff without your knowledge?

  • Do you agree with Lt. Governor Hampton that the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet doesn’t have the authority to fire her staff without her knowledge?

  • Should you be raising money in Texas today from wealthy special interests when you’re in a public feud with your own Lt. Governor?