June 19, 2019 Blog, Press Release

5 Questions Matt Bevin Needs to Answer About Growing GOP Feud After Lt. Governor Called His Chief of Staff a ‘Partisan Hack’

The Kentucky Democratic Party is raising five key questions Governor Matt Bevin needs to answer about his major feud with Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton before he jets off to California for a political fundraiser this weekend.

This comes as Lt. Governor Hampton issued an “extraordinary” statement yesterday, which called Bevin’s chief of staff a “partisan hack” who “clearly overstepped his boundaries.”

The Louisville Courier Journal described the growing scandal by reporting, “Hampton’s fiery statement fans the flames of an escalating civil war among Kentucky Republicans,” while multiple outlets noted Bevin’s administration refused to comment. State Senator Ralph Alvarado, who is running to replace Hampton, has also remained silent.

Courier Journal columnist Joe Gerth added, “Bevin has denied knowing about the firing in advance, but it’s hard to believe that any governor would allow his lieutenant governor’s top aide to be fired without a heads-up.”

“Frankfort is in chaos under Matt Bevin’s watch and it’s time he stops hiding and comes clean. This nasty GOP civil war is only getting worse and it’s hurting Kentuckians who just want a government that works for them without non-stop scandals and nasty attacks,” said KDP spokesperson Marisa McNee.

5 Questions Matt Bevin Needs to Answer About His Growing Feud with Lt. Governor Hampton:

  • Did you authorize your chief of staff to fire Lt. Governor Hampton’s staff?

  • Why was Lt. Governor Hampton’s staff fired without her knowledge?

  • Are you siding with your Lt. Governor or your chief of staff, who Hampton called a “partisan hack” who “clearly overstepped his boundaries”?

  • When’s the last time you spoke to Lt. Governor Hampton?

  • Will you disavow the calls for Lt. Governor Hampton to resign?