September 30, 2020 Blog, Press Release

After Questioning Governor’s Faith, Savannah Maddox Must Resign and Republicans Must Condemn Her Words

In a disgusting new low, State Rep. Savannah Maddox questioned Gov. Andy Beshear’s faith in a tweet Tuesday afternoon. Maddox selectively clipped part of Beshear’s Monday press conference to question whether Gov. Beshear is truly a Christian and claims his views are “anti-biblical.”









In response, the Kentucky Democratic Party is calling for Maddox to apologize to the governor publicly and resign her position immediately. Additionally, Republican leaders need to immediately condemn Maddox’s comments and force her to resign if she refuses to.

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party chair Ben Self said attacks on any elected officials’ faith is a line that should never be crossed.

“Governor Beshear is a deacon in his church and the grandson and great grandson of Baptist ministers. He consistently mentions his faith while discussing the COVID-19 pandemic and the toll it has taken on our commonwealth. To question the governor’s faith is cowardly and disgusting. Republicans must loudly and forcefully condemn this attack and force the resignation of Savannah Maddox in response. It is one thing to disagree politically — questioning one’s faith is never OK,” Self said.

Previously, the KDP called on Maddox to resign after she was pictured with the leaders of the white supremacist group that hung the governor in effigy in May. Now, due to Republicans leaders’ silence, Maddox feels emboldened crossing a line from political disagreement to questioning Beshear’s faith.

As a reminder, Governor Beshear highlighted his grandfather and great grandfather being ministers during his campaign last year. He serves as a deacon at Beargrass Christian Church.