May 26, 2020 Blog, Press Release

After Rep. Maddox’s Continued Deflection, KY GOP Must Call For Her Resignation

For the second day in a row, Rep. Savannah Maddox has deflected about her coziness with a white supremacy group that hung Gov. Andy Beshear in effigy over the weekend.

Rather than acknowledge that she has been photographed at least twice with members of the group and spoke at a previous rally they were part of, Maddox continued to blame everyone but herself on Monday. It’s a continued trend of Maddox picking fights on Twitter rather than displaying leadership.

In a statement, KDP chair Ben Self said that if Maddox cannot do the right thing, it’s up to Republican leadership to take a stand instead.

“It’s clear that Rep. Maddox cannot bring herself to personally disavow and distance herself from the group that hung Gov. Beshear in effigy, resorting to childish attempts to blame others instead. This is not the type of leadership Kentucky needs. For the second day in a row, we are calling on Rep. Maddox to resign, and for House Speaker David Osborne and Senate President Robert Stivers to join us in calling for her resignation.” 

Additionally, the Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on certain Republican elected officials to stop with the backhanded comments in regards to Sunday’s incident. While several Republican officials did the right thing, many others have either not commented on the situation at all or took the opportunity to disrespect the governor.

“This is not the time to air disagreements you may have with the Governor. This needs to be condemned in plain clear language, anything less is inappropriate. It’s clear that several in the Kentucky GOP are more focused on winning votes of a white supremacy movement than doing what’s right. Now is the time to stop fanning the flames of hate and stand up for what’s right. It’s time to remove these elements from your party and to stop caving to them,” Marisa McNee, spokesperson for Kentucky Democrats, said.