August 23, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Bevin Accuses Teachers of Being Selfish While Reports Show Educators Are Subsidizing Classrooms With Their Own Pay

While Matt Bevin is busy attacking public educators, a new report shows Kentucky’s teachers are gearing up to go back to school “by opening their wallets to buy classroom supplies.”

According to a report by the Economic Policy Institute, on average, Kentucky teachers spend at least $404 of their own income to make sure students have supplies and that the majority of those teachers will not be reimbursed.

Early this week, Bevin was under fire for saying teachers only protested him so they wouldn’t have to go to work. Last week, Bevin’s administration accused more than a thousand teachers of breaking the law because they spoke out against his anti-public education legislation. He later threatened teachers by saying protests wouldn’t “be tolerated in the future.”

Bevin has previously, “slammed teachers for being ‘selfish and short-sighted,’” according to the Louisville Courier Journal.

The constant attacks and lack of support of public education by this administration have taken its toll on Kentucky classrooms. Teacher shortages have been reported across the state as kids return to their classrooms.

“It is no surprise that our teachers pay out of pocket to help their students,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Kentucky’s educators always do what is best for their students, and have been pleading with Bevin’s administration to fully fund public education. Instead of listening to teachers, Matt Bevin bullies them. It’s just unacceptable, and it’s why Bevin will be gone in November.”