September 4, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Bevin Administration Says They Want To Eliminate Law That Could Have Paid the Blackjewel Miners

In a new statement to the Lexington Herald-Leader today, the Bevin administration is doubling down on their plan to gut paycheck protections for Kentucky’s miners, stating:

“The performance bond statute puts Kentucky at an economic disadvantage …The Labor Cabinet does not have data indicating the instances in which a bond has been used to satisfy an employer’s obligation to pay wages.”

The Lexington Herald-Leader previously described the law that Matt Bevin wants to eliminate, writing: “This law protects Kentucky coal miners from cold paychecks.”

This comes after the Bevin administration failed to enforce the law, costing the Blackjewel miners thousands of dollars in clawed back wages for hours previously worked. Bevin then tried to cover his tracks, falsely claiming his administration didn’t know about the law, stating: “people didn’t realize it was there except those taking advantage of it.”

“After failing to enforce the law that could have protected and paid the Blackjewel miners, the Bevin administration is doubling down on their harmful plan to eliminate this vital protection for workers. This is rubbing salt in the wounds of the miners in Harlan who have been fighting to get paid what they are owed for two months,” said Marisa McNee, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson. “Matt Bevin couldn’t make it any more clear he doesn’t care about workers — and it’s time for a new governor who does.”