October 9, 2018 Blog

Bevin Faces Backlash from Teachers in West Ky

On Monday, Governor Matt Bevin continued to face backlash from teachers during a community forum in Muhlenberg County.

The teachers attended the forum for answers on questions ranging from pensions to charter schools to the funding of public education, and they weren’t happy with what they heard.

“Governor Bevin is completely out of touch with working families in Kentucky,” said retired teacher Rhonda Wood. “He bashed teachers, he bashed students, and then he claimed his taxes were off-limits to the public. It was insulting,” concluded Wood.

“We have never had a Governor so blatantly disrespectful of teachers and who so often resorts to name-calling. He has no respect for his constituents, and I plan to hold him accountable when I get to Frankfort,” said Democratic candidate for State Senate, and teacher, Crystal Chappell.

Bevin made comments at the Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center in Greenville to a group of local residents and frustrated teachers. Just two weeks ago Bevin was blasted by teachers in Pulaski County.

“Every time Bevin opens his mouth he’s a gift to the Democratic Party and our candidates,” said Marisa McNee, spokeswoman for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “The question for us was always whether we could keep the teachers fired up until November, but Bevin’s continued run-ins with the teachers make it easy. He’s got teachers fired up and ready to vote on November 6th.”