April 24, 2018 Blog, Media

If one school district is taken over by Bevin, it won’t be the last.


If one school district is taken over by Bevin’s appointed state board of education, it won’t be the last.

In less than two weeks, the board stacked with new Bevin appointees pressured the resignation of the former commissioner of education — an advocate for public education — and put in his place the charter school advocate Wayne Lewis as interim commissioner.

Lewis has already started making calls for reform congruent with Bevin’s bidding.

While interim by definition means temporary, we know the changes pushed by the board will have long-lasting, damaging effects on Kentucky’s students.

Already, Lewis wants to change graduation requirements and has a pending audit to push his agenda onto the largest school district in the state with a takeover.

It will be the framework for usurping elected officials of any school board and put the decision-making process into the hands of the Governor’s Office and his picked appointees.

Sound like a democracy or something else?

Charter schools are far from about increasing school performance, but more about increasing profit.

They will fulfill the nationwide Republican agenda for putting public money into the hands of private industry.

Charter schools won’t have the same level of standards as public schools. They won’t have a publicly elected school board. Parents won’t have a voice in who or how their children are educated.

Sound like a democracy or something else?

As public education limps along suffering from a loss of state funds and is prodded by Bevin’s appointees to produce greater outcomes, this will reinforce their agenda to not save it, but starve it.

The Republican majority’s budget didn’t provide any school funding for textbooks. School children in both the rural and urban parts of the state are reading from textbooks held together by duct tape.

Sound like a democracy or something else?

If the board moves against one ailing school district to fulfill its agenda, it will continue to do so against another.

It will circumvent those you elected locally to oversee your school districts. It will support district decisions made by a governor, who doesn’t like teachers or anyone who opposes him.  

It will instead make district decisions from Frankfort just blocks away from the Governor’s Mansion without input from any community stakeholders.

It will ultimately advocate for private for-profit charter schools without public oversight.  

Sound like a democracy or something else?