August 30, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Bevin Still Silent on Administration’s Failure to Enforce Law that Protects Coal Miners

Governor Matt Bevin is refusing to explain what he will do to account for his administration’s gross failure to enforce a key paycheck protection for nearly 1,000 coal miners, including the workers for Blackjewel in Harlan who have still not been paid what they are owed.

Yesterday, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported: “No Kentucky coal company has complied with a law designed to protect miner wages,” adding that: “A spokesperson for Bevin did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

When discussing the performance bonds with the Herald-Leader that the Bevin administration hasn’t been enforcing, Blackjewel miner Darrell Raleigh said, “They should have to pay it, cause you’ve seen what it’s done to us.”

Attorney General Andy Beshear, among others, has already called on Bevin to fire his Labor Cabinet Secretary. WKMS reported that the Bevin administration’s failure to enforce existing law puts “around 1,000 miners in jeopardy,” according to the Attorney General’s findings.

“This governor’s administration was busy issuing baseless subpoenas to investigate teachers, instead of doing its job to protect coal miners. Matt Bevin needs to directly explain why his administration is failing to enforce a key paycheck protection law that let the Blackjewel miners down and puts even more workers at risk,” said Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee.