August 30, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Bevin Tries to Duck Responsibility For Failing to Enforce Law That Protects Coal Miners With False Claim

Matt Bevin is shamelessly making things up to try to duck responsibility for his administration’s failure to enforce a paycheck protection law that could have paid the Blackjewel miners.

Referring to the paycheck protection law that his administration ignored, Matt Bevin falsely told Lex 18 News today that “people didn’t realize it was there except those taking advantage of it.”

In reality, Matt Bevin’s administration knew about the law because they testified to eliminate the protection in 2018.

Lexington Herald-Leader reported yesterday: “Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration urged lawmakers last year to pass a bill that would have eliminated the requirement.”

Additionally, Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council State Director Bill Finn said, “I was in the room in 2018 when Matt Bevin’s Labor Cabinet tried to eliminate the performance bond protections that could have protected the Blackjewel coal miners. They failed to eliminate the law then, but essentially decided to not enforce the law anyway.”

Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said: “Matt Bevin’s false claims are a pathetic excuse for refusing to enforce a law they knew about — and even tried to repeal. Bevin has shown over and over again that he is not on the side of Kentucky workers. What is happening to the Blackjewel miners is unconscionable and could have been prevented if Matt Bevin’s Labor Cabinet did its job.”