August 20, 2019 Blog, Press Release

BREAKING: KDP Files Campaign Finance Complaint Detailing Bevin’s Scheme to Circumvent Contribution Limits

Today, the Kentucky Democratic Party is filing a campaign finance complaint with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (KREF) after uncovering a letter that Governor Matt Bevin sent to solicit campaign donations, which shows he is engaging in a scheme to circumvent campaign finance limits.

The scheme potentially violates the law and put donors at risk of unknowingly violating campaign finance laws as well. Click here for a copy of the complaint and click here and here for a copy of Governor Bevin’s uncovered campaign solicitation letter.

Specifically, the complaint outlines allegations of multiple violations of campaign finance law found in the uncovered letter, which Governor Bevin sent to solicit donations for the president’s trip to Kentucky tomorrow, including, among others:

  • Governor Bevin’s campaign donation solicitation letter requests double the maximum contribution amount for “Matt Bevin For KY 2019” and “Matt Bevin for KY 2015” without specifying that the amounts solicited are to be applied to both primary and general election accounts. They also did not solicit such donations in a way that would legally allow them to do so.
  • Governor Bevin’s solicitation letter asks for contributions to “Matt Bevin for KY 2015,” but does not specify that such contributions can only be used to pay back Matt Bevin for his personal loan to his 2015 gubernatorial campaign. Once such funds are paid back to Matt Bevin, he could contribute them to “Matt Bevin for KY 2019,” effectively allowing these contributions to the 2015 campaign to circumvent the legal campaign finance limits.

Matt Bevin is also demanding wealthy donors help pay off his own personal debt to get a photo with the president, with the Louisville Courier-Journal reporting: “Donors who want a photograph with President Donald Trump at a private fundraiser in Louisville on Wednesday must pay at least $21,000, and some of that money may help out Gov. Matt Bevin’s personal pocketbook.”

“We’re filing this legal complaint today to hold Governor Bevin accountable for his troubling and potentially illegal scheme to cheat the system and line his own pockets,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Given this governor’s weakness and unpopularity, it’s also not surprising that he’s demanding that his wealthy backers, including state contractors, give donations that will go directly back into his pockets if they want a photo with the president. Unfortunately, Matt Bevin’s pathetic and troubling schemes mean some of his top donors may give him money for a picture with the president, but walk away with a campaign finance violation.”