April 22, 2021 Blog, Press Release

Cameron’s Silence Continues as Republican Attorneys General Association Chair Resigns Over Group’s Role in Jan. 6 Attack

Questions are mounting regarding Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s role at the Republican Attorney General Association (RAGA) and their dark money super PAC — the Rule of Law Defense Fund — after the chair of RAGA resigned in protest.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Wednesday that Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr had resigned from RAGA over a “significant difference of opinion” with others in RAGA in regards to the organization’s role in the January 6 insurrection attack on the U.S. Capitol.

From Carr’s resignation letter:

“The fundamental difference of opinion began with vastly opposite views of the significance of the events of January 6 and the resistance by some to accepting the resignation of the executive director. The differences have continued as we have tried to restore RAGA’s reputation internally and externally and were reflected once again during the process of choosing the next executive director.”

The news of Carr’s recent resignation comes on the heels of Kentuckians discovering that Cameron misled the public about his role in both RAGA and the Rule of Law Defense Fund.

On Tuesday, the Kentucky Democratic Party revealed that Cameron’s 2020 statement of financial disclosure listed Cameron as a director of the Rule of Law Defense Fund, after he misled reporters in January about his association to the organization that sent robocalls encouraging people to attend the January 6 attack on the Capitol

After RAGA’s involvement in the attack was made public, the KDP called on Cameron to give Kentuckians a full accounting of his role in the group and the robocall, and called for him to resign his position in RAGA.

Now that Cameron’s leadership ties to the organizations are clear and Georgia AG Carr has resigned his position as chair because of disagreement about the group’s role in the January 6 attack, Cameron’s silence is unacceptable

Kentuckians deserve to know: Does Cameron agree with AG Carr who has resigned in protest over RAGA’s role in the January 6 attack and will Cameron resign his position as well? Or does he disagree with AG Carr and does he support RAGA’s role in the attack?

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said Cameron needs to explain himself to Kentuckians.

“Nearly every week, there are news stories about yet another perpetrator in the January 6 attack being arrested in Kentucky. Yet Daniel Cameron is silent and evasive. Kentuckians deserve to know where he stands on these issues, and he needs to explain why he continues to hold a leadership role in an organization that took part in the January 6th attacks.These days, Daniel Cameron seems more interested in making the rounds with the DC press than answering questions here in Kentucky. We deserve better, and it’s time for Daniel Cameron to explain his role in these organizations.”