June 20, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Courier Journal Column: Matt Bevin’s ‘office may have just broken the law’

In case you missed it while Matt Bevin’s bitter feud with Lt. Governor Hampton only got worse, Louisville Courier Journal columnist Joe Gerth also detailed how Governor Bevin’s office may have violated the law by using taxpayer resources to send out a “purely political attack” about Andy Beshear after he opposed the governor’s new lawsuit because it would slash health care protections for people with pre-existing health conditions.

In addition to slamming Bevin and his Secretary of Health and Family Services for an “over-the-top press release” that “smacks of politics in the worst way and could possibly violate the Hatch Act,” Gerth declared that if a ruling from a U.S. District Judge is right then it seems Andy Beshear and the American Medical Association “are right” about how Matt Bevin’s health care lawsuit could take coverage away from people with pre-existing conditions.

KDP Spokesperson Marisa McNee added, “Matt Bevin is weak and desperate to hide the truth about how his disastrous health care agenda would strip vital coverage away from Kentuckians with pre-existing health conditions.”


Matt Bevin says he’s anti-corruption, but his own office may have just broken the law

Louisville Courier Journal

By Joe Gerth

  • One thing that Bevin and his eagle-eyed investigators from Taft Stettinius & Hollister may want to look into is whether Adam Meier, Bevin’s secretary of Health and Family Services, violated the federal Hatch Act on Thursday when the governor’s office issued a press release in which he launched a purely political attack on Attorney General Andy Beshear.

  • The dust-up is about Andy Beshear’s criticism of the Bevin administration’s support of a change in federal policy regarding association health plans… Beshear… criticized that move and said the proposed policy change could endanger health care for thousands and could eliminate protections for people with preexisting conditions…

  • On Thursday, Meier shot back with a pretty nasty press release — oddly from Bevin’s office and not from his own cabinet — in which he called Beshear deceitful and dishonest, mirroring the type of claims that Bevin has made about Beshear while in campaign mode. It’s the type of thing that should come from a campaign attack dog or political party operative, not someone who is supposed to be doing the people’s work.

  • Meier’s overwrought press release argues that the proposed federal rule, which is being held up by a federal judge who said it was simply an end run around Obamacare, doesn’t end conditions for people with preexisting conditions… But the American Medical Association — your doctor, my doctor — believes it would do exactly what Beshear claims. It has led the charge against the federal rule change.

  • That federal rule was struck down by U.S. District Judge John Bates, of Washington, D.C., who was appointed by President George W. Bush, served in the Reagan administration and helped lead the Whitewater investigation into President Bill Clinton’s business ties. No bleeding heart liberal hack, he.

  • If Bates is correct, it seems to suggest the AMA — and Beshear — are right.

  • The way I read it, while the rule protects those with preexisting conditions who enter into association policies, it undermines those protections for those who aren’t eligible to leave existing state marketplaces by increasing their costs.

  • I also know that Meier’s over-the-top press release smacks of politics in the worst way and could possibly violate the Hatch Act that says certain federal, state and local government employees aren’t allowed to use their positions to influence elections.