October 20, 2020 Blog, Press Release

Court Hearing Reveals State Rep. Jason Nemes Responsible for Threat to JCPS Funding

State Rep. Jason Nemes has once again betrayed the JCPS teachers in his district, new information from a court case regarding a JCPS tax levy shows.

According to Courier-Journal reporter Billy Kobin, Nemes gave Theresa Camoriano — a tea party leader who is leading an effort to reject millions of dollars in improvements for JCPS schools — access to a Republican Party database in order to fill in details for her petition effort against JCPS.

Camoriano’s effort to derail the investment in JCPS is currently in court, as the legitimacy of her petition to derail the funding is being called into question. Without Nemes’ help, Camoriano’s effort would have likely failed.

This is not the first time Nemes has betrayed the teachers of his district, having previously voted to gut their retirement benefits and voting for charter schools that would drain funding from JCPS.

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said that despite what others say about him, it’s clear Jason Nemes works against JCPS and its teachers.

“Jason Nemes has voted to drain funding from JCPS schools in favor of charter schools and to drastically change teacher retirements. Now we find out he’s directly responsible for threatening millions in investments that will help build and repair JCPS schools. Jason Nemes is no friend of public education or Jefferson County educators,” McNee said.