January 11, 2021 Blog, Press Release

Daniel Cameron Equates U.S. Capitol Attack to Breonna Taylor Marches, Won’t Disavow Robocall Encouraging People to March on Capitol

In a press conference today, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron equated the domestic terror attack on the U.S. Capitol last week to the Movement for Black Lives protests across the country and the Breonna Taylor protests in Louisville.

At the 28:40 mark of this video posted to Cameron’s official Facebook account, Cameron calls the U.S. Capitol attack a “direct attack on our republic form of democracy” and “heartbreaking” and then instantly equates it with the “heartbreak” of the “riots and violence that we’ve seen” of the last year.

Cameron does it again around the 31:15 mark saying, “It has been a brutal year, in terms of some of the violence we have seen on our streets, businesses having to shut down… federal buildings, district court buildings being demolished, vandalized. Even in Louisville we have seen great harm done.”

A U.S. Capitol police officer was killed, and several others injured as a result of the attack last week.

Additionally, Cameron refused to disavow the PAC associated with the Republican Attorneys General Association, who sent out a robocall encouraging people to go to Washington D.C. on the day the attack on the U.S. Capitol occured. Cameron has oversight of the group as a member of RAGA’s executive board.

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Colmon Elridge said Cameron equating the marches for the Movement for Black Lives to a domestic terror attack is disgusting.

“Last week, domestic terrorists entered our U.S. Capitol with the intent to harm and possibly kill the Vice President and members of Congress. It was an attack on our country, period. Daniel Cameron continues to show his ignorance and hostility to the struggle for justice in our nation. His lies to the people of our Commonwealth, the family of Breonna Taylor, and the grand jury continue his demeaning doctrine of unequal justice under law. Like his hero Donald Trump, Cameron’s lies and whataboutisms in equating the movement demanding justice for Breonna Taylor to the deadly domestic terrorist attack on our nation is dangerous and unforgivable. My sons deserve to grow up with an Attorney General who cares more about their rights than gaining favor with terrorists. Also, today would still be a great time for justice for Breonna Taylor.”