July 22, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Day 3 of $66K Per Day Special Session: Where is Matt Bevin?

As day three of the governor’s $66,000 per day special session continues, Matt Bevin is still MIA.

This is especially troubling as serious legal concerns continue to swirl over the special session. In particular, GOP lawmakers pointed to the governor’s controversial and narrow call for a special session to justify slapping down amendments from fellow members of the legislature.

Within hours of the beginning of the special session on Friday—and while Matt Bevin was nowhere to be found—the governor’s attorney was fighting to get his personal tax rate reduced on a multi-million dollar mansion he bought at a steep discount from a political donor.

On day two of the special session, Matt Bevin trotted out a staffer to answer questions about his proclamation that could put the entire special session in jeopardy.

Insider Louisville’s Joe Sonka said today, “Does anyone know what city Matt Bevin is in right now?”  

“Where is Matt Bevin?” said Marisa McNee, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson. “He’s costing taxpayers $66,000 per day because he couldn’t even work with his own party—and he’s been totally MIA. While rape crisis centers and local health clinics are worried about staying open, this is just more of the same dysfunction that’s defined Frankfort during Bevin’s failed first term.”