October 23, 2019 Blog, Press Release

FACT CHECK: American Medical Association says the Bevin/Alvarado Health Care Agenda Would “Discriminate Against Individuals Based on Pre-existing Health Conditions”

In case you missed it, Matt Bevin’s running mate, Ralph Alvarado, tried to dodge questions about the type of insurance policies they support that would hurt Kentuckians with pre-existing conditions.

During this week’s KET debate, Alvarado claimed the following:  “The notion that we’re not supportive of making sure that insurance policies cover those (pre-existing conditions) for people is nonsense I mean the governor and I are both supportive of that…. The thought that we’re not supportive of insurance companies making sure they cover pre-existing conditions is simply not true.”

Alvarado’s false claims about their health care agenda line up with Bevin’s attempts to lie and hide from his shameful record. Bevin recently said: “There is nothing that has ever been advocated at the state or federal level that would ever take away somebody’s health care coverage due to a pre-existing condition.”

However, the Bevin/Alvarado health care agenda would allow insurance companies to deny essential coverage to people with pre-existing conditions like mental health services, chronic disease treatment, maternity care and prescription drug coverage.

The American Medical Association, an organization Alvarado referenced during the debate, even says the policies that Bevin supports would “discriminate against individuals based on pre-existing health conditions.”

Bevin also supported legislation to dismantle Medicaid and rip up protections for people with pre-existing conditions. He also refuses to support legislation to codify protections for people with pre-existing conditions into state law, saying “we should go back” to harmful high-risk insurance pools that failed working families.

Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party, said: “Once again, Matt Bevin and Ralph Alvarado are caught making false claims to try to hide their disastrous health care agenda that would devastate Kentucky families. Matt Bevin and Ralph Alvarado need to clarify their statements and explain why they’re siding with big insurance companies instead of Kentuckians with pre-existing health conditions. Health care is on the ballot in less than two weeks and we clearly can’t afford another four years of Matt Bevin.”