July 16, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Fact Check on Mitch’s Mediocre Fundraising

Last week, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rushed to cover up his disappointing fundraising by leaking to Politico that he raised $3 million in his 2nd Quarter fundraising report. His reports show a much different story.

Fact #1:  Mitch only raised $2.4 million in 3 months, less than he announced. 

It took more than $600,000 in transfers from joint fundraising accounts for McConnell’s team to come up with that $3 million figure. This brings the total transfer amount to $1 million this cycle, meaning Mitch is taking money from his various PACs — intended to save the Senate majority — in order to stay in the game for Kentucky. When compared to Amy McGrath’s raise of $2.5 million in a single day, this is not a good sign for McConnell in 2020.


Fact #2: Kentuckians aren’t lining up to donate to Mitch.

Of the $2.4 million Mitch raised in Q2, only $187,134 came from Kentuckians. That’s 7.7 percent of donations, not a great showing for America’s most unpopular senator. In fact, Team Mitch had to list multiple donations, some as low as $3, from the same people just to hit that 7.7 percent.


Fact #3: Mitch is burning through cash — 5 times more spent in Q2 than Q1. 

One of the “infamous” McConnell sayings is that it’s never too soon to start a campaign. Despite having a 15-month head start for his 2020 re-election, Mitch is rapidly burning through his campaign cash. After spending roughly $160,000 in Q1, that jumped to nearly $800,000 in Q2, a huge burn rate for a contest that is a year and a half away.