June 17, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Five Updates from the Bevin vs. Hampton Feud That Exploded Over the Weekend

As working families continue to unify behind the Beshear/Coleman ticket, Matt Bevin’s nasty “war of words” with his own lieutenant governor is only getting worse and dividing Kentucky Republicans, with both of Kentucky’s U.S. Senators getting dragged into the mess.

KDP Spokesperson Marisa McNee told the Lexington Herald Leader over the weekend: “Matt Bevin is a weak and unpopular bully who has thrown the GOP into chaos. Instead of focusing on the challenges facing Kentucky families, Bevin spends his time starting feuds with teachers and his own lieutenant governor. With his chief of staff forced to admit he directed the recent firing, it is clear that Matt Bevin has been dishonest about his role in this growing scandal and he and his new running mate Ralph Alvarado need to stop hiding and come clean.”

Here’s how the GOP family feud between Bevin and Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton exploded over the weekend:

  1. Lt. Gov. Hampton’s recently fired aide Adrienne Southworth spoke at a meeting of conservative activists on Saturday and accused Matt Bevin of firing her for investigating his administration. Southworth also said the Bevin administration can’t govern.

  2. Senator Mitch McConnell got publicly dragged into the mess, with the Courier Journal reporting: “Jenean Hampton’s fired aide told conservative activists on Saturday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was behind booting her boss from the 2019 gubernatorial ticket.”

  3. After Matt Bevin claimed he didn’t know anything about the situation, the governor’s chief of staff fired back at Team Hampton and was forced to admit he was behind the firing of Lt. Governor Hampton’s staff.

  4. Adding fuel to the fire, Scott Jennings, one of Senator McConnell’s top advisors, took to social media to publicly call for Lt. Governor Hampton to resign. And former Bevin Administration official Andrew McNeill accused Lt. Governor Hampton’s staff of not working long hours along with Matt Bevin and his staff.

  5. Even Senator Rand Paul was forced to comment on the nasty GOP family feud, calling the whole situation “perplexing” and siding against Matt Bevin by saying he hopes “in the future” Lt. Governor Hampton “will be treated with respect.”