October 29, 2018 Blog, Press Release

Former Judge-Executive Elkins Caught Using County Resources for State Rep. Campaign Again

On Monday, the Kentucky Democratic Party released new evidence that former Calloway County Judge Executive Larry Elkins was using government resources for his campaign for state representative.

According to a letter from Calloway County Attorney, Bryan Erntsberger, in response to an Open Records Request, Elkins used his county government email address to conduct campaign business on almost 100 separate occasions during business hours and on County time. The range of topics includes Elkins’ campaign website, fundraising, campaign meet and greets, opposition research on Elkins’ opponent David Ramey, and campaign event planning.

Murray State University Associate Professor Dr. Jennifer Morrison, who turned in the Open Records Request, provided the letter to the Kentucky Democratic Party in an attempt to correlate previous complaints filed by the KDP on September 26, 2018 — complaints that Elkins had violated Calloway County Ethics Ordinance 26 as well as state statutes including KRS 121.150(1) and KRS 121.180(3), violating the use of government resources and campaign contribution restrictions.

Morrison said the letter reveals a flagrant abuse of the public trust and should result in an immediate investigation of Elkins.

“It’s clear that Mr. Elkins believes he is above the law and has no regard for hardworking Kentucky taxpayers who trusted him with the public purse,” Morrison said. “His actions are a flagrant and deliberate misuse of government funds, and the public needs to be aware that his actions were not a ‘simple mistake,’ ” said Morrison.

The Kentucky Democratic Party previously filed a complaint against Elkins for using county government staff to answer phone calls for his campaign. After the complaint was made public, Elkins apologized and called it a mistake. He also told local reporters he was not aware of any other instances of county government resources being used for his campaign.

“Larry Elkins lied to the public, lied to members of the media, and has likely been lying to many of his colleagues about his illegal use of government resources. It’s time for an investigation into how long this has been going on,” said Marisa McNee, Spokesperson for the KDP.  “Have Calloway County taxpayers been footing the bill for Larry Elkins’ campaigns for the last 20 years? At this point, that’s a serious question.”

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