June 3, 2019 Blog

GOP Family Feud: Bevin Facing Backlash After Lt. Gov Hampton Bashes ‘Dark Forces’ Inside His Administration

After barely garnering more than 50% of the vote in the Republican primary, Matt Bevin is entering the second week of the general election facing strong backlash from the conservative wing of his party after Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton publicly bashed “dark forces” inside the Bevin administration.

Bevin is already known as “the most unpopular governor in the country.”

In contrast, working families continue to unify behind Andy Beshear’s campaign for governor. Beshear has recently locked down the endorsement of UAW in Kentucky and the Kentucky State AFL-CIO.

Here’s what people in Kentucky are saying in the media about Matt Bevin after Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton publicly bashed “dark forces” inside Bevin’s administration:

“I’m so upset with Matt Bevin. This will hurt him in November.” – Barbara Knott, one of the founders of the Owensboro Tea Party

“The Hampton Rebellion of 2019 is legit.” – Louisville Courier Journal’s Phillip Bailey

“There are a whole lot of tea party people who got out and worked for Matt Bevin’s campaigns in 2014 and 2015 who will not do that this year.” – Scott Hofstra, a spokesman for the United Kentucky Tea Party

“I truly can’t stand Governor Bevin and the day has finally come I can say whatever I want about him. Oh this is gonna be fun! Stay tuned!” – Chris Southworth, the husband of Hampton’s recently fired Deputy Chief Adrienne Southworth

“This does seem to be the latest in the rocky relationship between the two.” – WFPL’s Ryland Barton on “Kentucky Politics Distilled”

“Matt Bevin will not rest until every single person in Kentucky dislikes him.” – Matt Jones, Kentucky Sports Radio