June 5, 2019 Blog, Press Release

GOP Family Feud Continues: Former Lt. Gov Hampton Staffer Unloads on Governor Bevin

A new report from the Louisville Courier Journal today is adding more fuel to the public feud between Governor Matt Bevin and his Lt. Governor after Jenean Hampton started a firestorm last week by alleging “dark forces” are at work in the Bevin administration.

In the new report, Lt. Governor Hampton’s recently fired staffer described the Bevin Administration, stating: “I’m not exactly sure whether we need to call Ghostbusters or we’re looking for the Phantom of the Opera or what’s going on, but we need to get answers.”

The staffer’s husband told the Louisville Courier Journal, “My wife has worked under a culture of intimidation and harassment for three and a half years when it comes to Bevin and most of the upper echelon in his administration. To say I am infuriated would be an understatement at this point.”

“Matt Bevin is a weak and unpopular governor who has spent his time in office attacking teachers, first responders and social workers. Now he’s even bullying his own Lt. Governor, and it’s clear this Republican family feud is just getting started,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Spokesperson Marisa McNee. “Kentuckians deserve better than what we’re getting from Matt Bevin and it’s time for a change.”

Yesterday, the Kentucky Democratic Party sent out five questions that Matt Bevin needs to answer about the staffing scandal after the governor claimed he didn’t have any knowledge of the situation.