February 5, 2019 Blog

Happy National Weatherperson’s Day! Governor Bevin Thought Al Roker was Dead

Today is national weatherperson’s day. To celebrate, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin decided to insult one of the most well-known weatherpeople in America: Al Roker of NBC.

Speaking on the Greg Dunker show Tuesday morning, Dunker asked Bevin about Roker’s response to Bevin’s out of touch message calling America “soft” for canceling schools to protect children from record-setting wind chills and cold. Roker called Bevin a “nitwit” for such comments.

Rather than apologize for those comments, Bevin chose to insult Roker instead, once again showing how he’s unfit to be governor and out of touch: “I didn’t even realize Al Roker was still alive,” Bevin said.

More than 4 million people watch the TODAY Show on NBC, where Roker delivers weather updates. At 64, Roker is only 12 years older than Bevin. You can hear the response in question here:  Bevin: “I didn’t realize Al Roker was even alive”

A transcript of the interaction is below:

Dunker: “I’m with Governor Matt Bevin and uh, if we can get to a lighter note, I feel I would be remiss, if I didn’t bring up the fact that Al Roker thinks you’re a nitwit. And you don’t seem to care!”

Bevin: “I didn’t even realize Al Roker was still alive and doing things in the world of… really, really I don’t watch much TV.”