April 1, 2019 Blog, Press Release

ICYMI: Conservative Kentucky Radio Host Blasts McConnell

On Monday, conservative Kentucky radio host Leland Conway blasted U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, calling him a “chicken” for his lack of “leadership” as Senate Majority Leader.

The comments came after McConnell appeared on Conway’s show in which a variety of topics, including health care, were discussed. Conway became irritated with McConnell’s comments that he had no desire to approach the issue anytime soon.

Conventional wisdom is that McConnell has healed the divisions with conservatives in his home state of Kentucky. The dust-up with Conway ignites new questions about whether the coming fight over the Affordable Care Act may leave McConnell vulnerable to a primary challenge in 2020.

Here are Leland Conway’s full comments:

“I take supreme issue with his with his comments on the health care issue. Basically what Senator McConnell told me was that… Republicans are going to run in 2020 on the platform of a slogan. And I’m sorry, you’re a leader. And it doesn’t matter that your plan go rejected the first time. You gotta keep bringing it back. Give people a reason to vote for you…. And if you’re telling me the Republicans are just going to lay back and let this happen, that is more than a tactical mistake. That is harmful. I think that if the Republicans follow-through and don’t come up… look it’s not rocket science. I said it on Fox News on Saturday, it’s not rocket science to come up with a better plan than Medicare for everybody. I’ll give you the details. If some stupid talk show host like me can come up with one in 15 minutes, you damn sure think someone on Capitol Hill could. The problem is, they’re chicken. That’s the problem, they are afraid to make the case. And correct me if I’m wrong, (McConnell’s) blaming the house. So we’re not going to have a plan because it wouldn’t work anyway.

Co-Host: They had the House for two years!

Exactly. Repeal it root and branch was how they got elected and then they had the House, they had everything they needed. They were chicken! They were afraid of the media and they were afraid to make the case. That’s not leadership man. That’s not leadership.

You can listen to the whole radio interview here (Conway’s comments come around 9:00 mark)