October 4, 2019 Blog, Press Release

ICYMI: Matt Bevin Publicly Criticizes Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton for Wanting to Focus on “Schools and Talking to Kids”

Matt Bevin is once again bullying his own lieutenant governor and showing he doesn’t value public education, saying he dropped her from the ticket over “some disagreements” about her priorities, according to a new report from the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Bevin added:

“…the things she wants to focus on are not the things that I’ve mentioned as we look forward. That’s not what her passion is. And that’s OK.”

“She loves going into schools and talking to kids… And that’s awesome. But that can be done in a lot of other capacities besides lieutenant governor of the commonwealth.”

“To me, sometimes, what was good for four years isn’t necessarily what’s good for the commonwealth for the next years beyond that… And I also have to think about what kind of a trajectory we are staying on and who are the right next people to carry that ball forward.”

The added insults to Hampton for wanting to focus on public education come roughly one month until election day and as Hampton continues to sue Bevin for his administration’s dismissal of two of her staffers. Lt. Governor Hampton has said she believes her staff has not been “treated right” and referred to her relationship with Bevin, saying: “My friends don’t treat me this way.”

“There is no limit to the amount of bullying Matt Bevin will do to people – including teachers and his own lieutenant governor,” said Kenny Colston, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “It’s no surprise that Bevin is criticizing Jenean Hampton for wanting to visit schools and talk to kids. He’s spent his first term insulting teachers and trying to tear down public education. Kentucky deserves a new governor who will actually listen to our educators and do what’s right for students and public schools.”