October 7, 2019 Blog, Press Release

ICYMI: New Survey Reveals Lowering Health Care Costs, Prescription Drug Prices As Top Issue for Seniors

In case you missed it, the AARP released a new survey finding that lowering health care costs and addressing rising prescription drug costs rank among the most important issues to voters over 50 years old in Kentucky.

As Spectrum News reports:

“The survey found that 64 percent of respondents are concerned they will not be able to pay for the healthcare they need. While 82 percent of respondents expressed concerns about expanded access to healthcare going away if state funding is cut.

“These numbers grew even higher when it came to prescription drug costs, with 88 percent saying prescription drug companies make too much money, while 83 percent think drug companies have influence over elected officials. 84 percent don’t think elected officials are doing enough to address the high cost of prescription drugs.”

As seniors call for relief, Matt Bevin has joined a lawsuit that would allow insurance companies to deny essential coverage for people with pre-existing conditions – including prescription drug coverage; and refused to support a bill that would codify protections for people with pre-existing health conditions into state law. Bevin also supports repealing federal health reforms, which AARP warned “would increase out-of-pocket expenses for older Americans.”

And Bevin has even said, “drug companies often get a bad rap.”

“Instead of showing seniors the respect they deserve, Matt Bevin has spent the past four years supporting policies that would threaten access to quality health care and jack up drug prices,” said Kenny Colston, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson. “Kentucky’s seniors are looking for a governor who will expand access to affordable, high-quality care – but again and again, Matt Bevin has sided against them.”