October 21, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Kansas City Star exposes Michael Adams’ Shady Past

In case you missed it, last week the Kansas City Star put a huge spotlight on GOP nominee for Secretary of State, MIchael Adams, and his connection to multiple scandals involving the disgraced former Governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens.

Eric Greitens resigned from office under pressure from multiple scandals some of them involving serious allegations of campaign finance fraud associated with a veterans charity.

According to the Kansas City Star:

When Eric Greitens resigned from office a little more than a year ago, he still faced a litany of accusations that his campaign and dark money nonprofit had engaged in illegal activity.

The Republican lawmaker who led the Greitens impeachment investigation went so far as to refer to the former governor’s campaign apparatus as a “criminal enterprise from its inception.”

Throughout the saga, Greitens’ campaign attorney was Michael Adams.


“The choice between Heather French Henry and Michael Adams couldn’t be more clear,” said Marisa McNee spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Heather has been a tireless advocate for veterans while her opponent has been representing a client accused of using a veterans charity for an illegal campaign finance scheme. It’s disgusting, and Mr. Adams owes Kentucky voters an explanation.”