September 17, 2019 Blog, Press Release

KDP Calls for Full Disclosure of All Trips Matt Bevin Has Taken on Taxpayer-Funded State Aircraft

The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling for Governor Matt Bevin to come clean and give a full accounting of every trip he’s taken on taxpayer-funded state planes after a bombshell Lexington Herald-Leader investigation revealed Bevin used a state plane for 67 trips over in the first two years of his term without full disclosure of what the trips were for or why he went.

The investigation comes on the heels of Bevin declining to explain why he’s using the state plane the last few weeks for mysterious out-of-state trips to places including: Miami, Atlanta, Wisconsin, Chicago, Kansas City, Nashville, and Ohio, among others.

Last week, Bevin told taxpayers his trips are “none of their business.”

The new Herald-Leader investigation added that Bevin “rarely informs the public about the reasons for his travel” and “Without that basic information about each flight, the public has no way to verify that Bevin has properly reimbursed the state for his personal use of state-owned aircraft.”

In response to more than half of his trips in 2016 and 2017 not being reimbursed and his dismissal of taxpayers concerns, the KDP is calling for Bevin to fully disclose every trip he has made using state planes or helicopters, their purpose, and who has paid for the trip or reimbursed the state treasury immediately.

Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said, “It’s now clear Matt Bevin has been using taxpayer resources to jet all over the country whenever he pleases throughout his entire term as governor.  Then he has the nerve to say it’s none of our business. Kentucky families deserve to know why the aircraft they fund is being used as Matt Bevin’s personal and secretive air service.”