June 18, 2019 Blog, Press Release

KDP Calls on Bevin to Come Clean About Hampton Cover-Up

On Tuesday, Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton called out Governor Matt Bevin’s administration for “overstepping his boundaries” by firing her deputy chief of staff without her knowledge. Gov. Bevin has tried to deny any knowledge of the activity to date, resulting in an “extraordinary” statement from Hampton, which adds more fuel to this “GOP civil war” that now includes both of Kentucky’s U.S. Senators.

Now, the Kentucky Democratic Party is once again calling on Gov. Bevin along with his running mate, Kentucky State Senator Ralph Alvarado, to come clean and stop hiding from this major and growing scandal.

KDP has previously called on Ralph Alvarado, who is running for Hampton’s role, to break his silence, while slamming Bevin for refusing to answer numerous questions, including: “Why was Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton’s deputy chief of staff fired without her knowledge?”

“Matt Bevin has turned Frankfort into a trainwreck and it’s hurting working families. Instead of trying to fix challenges for Kentucky families, the governor is engulfed in a major and growing GOP family feud with his own lieutenant governor,” said Nicole Erwin, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “It’s long overdue for Matt Bevin to come clean about his role in this major scandal and for Ralph Alvarado to stop hiding.”