August 21, 2019 Blog, Press Release

KDP Calls on Bevin to Refund Taxpayers for the President’s Visit Since He’s Using It To Line His Own Pockets

The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on Governor Matt Bevin to personally refund Kentucky taxpayers for any costs associated with the fundraiser he is holding today, following a report from the Louisville Courier Journal that Bevin’s personal “pocketbook could benefit.”

The report added: “Donors who want a photograph with President Donald Trump at a private fundraiser in Louisville on Wednesday must pay at least $21,000, and some of that money may help out Gov. Matt Bevin’s personal pocketbook.”

In particular, Bevin is using the President’s visit to raise money for his 2015 primary and general election campaign accounts. According to law, any donations raised to those accounts can only go toward repaying the over four million dollars Bevin personally loaned to his gubernatorial campaign in 2015. As a result, some of the donations the President brings in today will go straight into Matt Bevin’s personal bank account.

Yesterday, the Kentucky Democratic Party filed a campaign finance complaint detailing how an uncovered letter the governor sent to solicit donations shows he is “engaging in a scheme to circumvent campaign finance limits.”

Kentucky Democratic Party Spokesperson Marisa McNee added: “Kentucky taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for a fundraiser that will directly funnel money into Matt Bevin’s personal bank account. This governor needs to explain exactly how much taxpayer resources will be used to host his self-enrichment scheme and personally refund Kentucky taxpayers.”