October 30, 2018 Blog, Press Release

KDP Calls on Oldham County GOP, Republican Party of Kentucky and Oldham County Republican Candidates to Renounce “Call to Arms” Mail Piece

On Tuesday, the Kentucky Democratic Party called on the Republican Party of Kentucky, the Oldham County GOP and Oldham County Republican candidates to renounce a political mail piece that used violent language.

The Oldham County GOP sent a mail piece with a “call to arms” with every Republican candidate in Oldham County pictured on the mail piece. The controversial mail piece comes days after a white supremacist assassinated two black people in a hate crime at a Kroger in neighboring Jefferson County, after the murders targeting Jewish worshipers in Pittsburgh, and after a week where prominent national Democrats were targeted by pipe bombs.

“The Republican Party of Kentucky, the Oldham County GOP and every candidate shown or named in the mailer, including House Speaker Pro Tem David Osbourne, State Sen. Ernie Harris, State Rep. Jason Nemes, State Rep. Ken Fleming and State Rep. Jerry Miller need to renounce the ad and its violent language,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “This kind of mail piece is unacceptable in any political climate, but given the current events, it’s appalling and dangerous.”