June 7, 2019 Blog, Press Release

KDP Calls on Ralph Alvarado to Break His Silence on Bevin vs. Hampton Feud

As the public feud between Matt Bevin and Lt. Governor Hampton continues to escalate, the Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on Ralph Alvarado to break his silence on the major controversy brewing about the same position he’s running for.

Ralph Alvarado has been silent about this growing GOP family feud even though he is running to replace Lt. Governor Hampton, whose tweet last week alleged that “dark forces” are at work in the Bevin administration.

Bevin’s unhinged behavior raises serious questions about how he would treat Alvarado since Bevin has been undermining Hampton by firing her staff without her knowledge. In fact, Lt. Governor Hampton only has one staff member left.

The husband of Hampton’s recently fired staffer even said: “My wife has worked under a culture of intimidation and harassment for three and a half years when it comes to Bevin and most of the upper echelon in his administration.”

The feud has also prompted outcry from the conservative wing of the Republican party and a radio host to ask Bevin: “Who’s in charge in Frankfort?”

“Does Ralph Alvarado stand with Lt. Governor Hampton or is he going to let Matt Bevin undermine and bully him as well?” said Kentucky Democratic Party Spokesperson Marisa McNee. “This is a major controversy in the Republican Party about the very position Ralph Alvarado is running for — he can’t simply take a vacation and ignore it.”