January 30, 2020 Blog, Media

KDP Calls on State Sen. Phillip Wheeler to Stop Racist Posts on Social Media, Apologize Publicly

The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on State Senator Phillip Wheeler to stop posting racist content on his official Facebook and apologize for the multiple times he has already done so.

Late Wednesday night, state Sen. Wheeler posted a status update concerning legislation in Virginia dealing with guns. In the original post, included below, Sen. Wheeler originally uses a racial slur — “coon” — in reference to the Virginia governor.









After receiving criticism publicly for using the term, Wheeler then edited his post to say “Coon-Man,” which is apparently an old nickname for the Virginia governor. But rather than apologize and delete the offending terms, Sen. Wheeler doubled down on his use of racist terms.

Emboldened, rather than ashamed, Sen. Wheeler woke up Thursday morning and decided to use a racial slur in a post directed at U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren.







A review by the Kentucky Democratic Party into Sen. Wheeler’s social media accounts revealed these instances are not the first time he has used racially divisive language or messaging. In December, Sen. Wheeler also used the word “coon” to describe the Virginia governor as well as blamed “mass refugee resettlement” for a policy position he did not like.









Additionally, Wheeler said he was standing with the president while he fought for the “greatness of traditional America.”









On his personal Facebook page, Wheeler shared images intended to incite negative responses to immigrants. And he attacks American citizen and journalist Jorge Ramos in a comment, pushing a crazy conspiracy theory about Ramos’ “loyalty.”









Perhaps most disturbing, Senator Wheeler appears to have spent time at the end of 2018 spreading conspiracy theories about Univision host Jorge Ramos. Mr. Ramos is well-known for his criticism of Donald Trump’s policies towards immigrants. Mr. Wheeler used his Facebook page to spread a conspiracy theory often repeated by anti-immigrant groups and White Nationalists that Mr. Ramos is not an American citizen and has “loyalty to a foreign land.” Mr. Ramos has been an American citizen since 2008.




“Using racial slurs and sharing racially divisive conspiracy theories does not happen repeatedly and over the course of many years by accident. It’s intentional and with purpose,” said Marisa McNee, spokeswoman for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Mr. Wheeler tried to delete his comments and then blame the members of the public who rightfully expressed outrage. That’s not acceptable. Phillip Wheeler needs to apologize and explain his behavior to the public. Republican leaders in the state senate should condemn the comments immediately.”