September 12, 2019 Blog, Press Release

KDP Creates Travel Care Package For Bevin After Report Shows He’s Taking Secret Taxpayer-Funded Trips on State Plane

The Kentucky Democratic Party is creating an air travel care package for Matt Bevin after the Louisville Courier-Journal’s front-page report exposed the governor’s refusal to disclose reasons for his taxpayer-funded trips outside of Kentucky on a state plane at least nine different times, including trips to Miami, Atlanta, Alabama, Nashville, Kansas City, Chicago, and Wisconsin, among others.

The care package includes a neck pillow, an eye mask, sleeping earplugs, a snack bag, and a mock one-way boarding pass back to New Hampshire.

In their bombshell report, the Courier-Journal added: “Asked about the purpose of that trip to Atlanta — in addition to half a dozen other out-of-state trips where the plane was used this summer —  spokespersons for the governor’s office and Bevin’s campaign declined to comment.”

The Republican Party of Kentucky also refused to comment on why these trips were taken and why the state plane was used.

“Since Matt Bevin seems to enjoy traveling the country on the taxpayer dime, we decided to mail a care package full of travel items to the Governor’s Mansion – known lately as Bevin campaign headquarters,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “This governor needs to explain to the people of Kentucky where their tax dollars are going and prove that he’s not using them to fund his weak and failing re-election campaign.”