June 24, 2021 Blog, Press Release

Kentucky Democratic Party Elects New State Central Executive Committee

The Kentucky Democratic Party elected a new State Central Executive Committee (SCEC) on Saturday as part of its 2021 virtual reorganization.

Below are the newly elected members of the SCEC.

  • Daniel Hurt, CD1
  • Jeff Taylor, CD1
  • Crystal Chappell, CD1
  • Susanna French, CD1
  • Brenna Caudill, CD1
  • Collin Morris, CD2
  • Dean Schamore, CD2
  • Patti Minter, CD2
  • Jeanie Smith, CD2
  • James Line, CD2
  • Robert Kahne, CD3
  • Corrie Shull, CD3
  • Queenie Averette, CD3
  • Pamela Stevenson, CD3
  • Mera Corlett, CD3
  • Col Owens, CD4
  • Marcus Woodward, CD4
  • Danielle Bell, CD4
  • Connie Grubbs, CD4
  • Ellen Cartmell, CD4
  • Ralph Hoskins, CD5
  • Johnny Ray Turner, CD5
  • Ashley Adkins, CD5
  • Laura White-Brown, CD5
  • Ariana Velasquez, CD5
  • Trent Garrison, CD6
  • Clint Morris, CD6
  • Brenda McClanahan, CD6
  • Brenda Monarrez, CD6
  • Rebecca Blankenship, CD6
  • LaToya Drake, At Large
  • Roy Harrison, At Large
  • Josh Mers, At Large
  • Jeff Noble, At Large
  • Cody Pruitt, At Large
  • Dorsey Ridley, At Large
  • Rachel Roberts, At Large
  • John Stovall, At Large
  • Colleen Younger, At Large

Congratulations to the newly elected members to the SCEC. Together, we will work to usher in a new era for Kentucky Democrats.