October 11, 2018 Blog

KDP Happily Releases Full Audio of Meeting Where Barr Criticizes President Trump

Thursday, Congressman Andy Barr called on the Kentucky Democratic Party to release the “full audio” of his comments in which he criticized President Trump. Barr, when asked about his criticism of the President, told reporters Thursday morning that his “full comments should be released.”

In response, the Kentucky Democratic Party has released the full audio of Congressman Andy Barr criticizing President Trump’s claims about the success of the economy during a Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, a little over a month ago.

President Trump is scheduled to appear at a campaign rally for Barr on Saturday. According to recent news stories about the event the President “looks forward to celebrating the booming Trump economy” with Barr.

In the audio Barr can be heard talking about the economy and President Trump’s claims about the country’s economic growth. Barr says, “We know the President has a tendency to exaggerate from time to time” to luncheon attendees who laugh along with him.

“We’re happy to release the full audio so voters, and the President, can hear for themselves that Congressman Barr randomly took a swipe at the President–unprovoked and without prompting,”  said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Andy says lots of nice things about the President in public, but behind closed doors he called the President a liar. Voters deserve honest leaders who don’t talk out both sides of their mouth.”

Barr’s talk at the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce on August 28th lasted for approximately 18 minutes.

Barr’s specific comments about Trump: https://youtu.be/joAjvKDavU4

You can listen to the full audio (comments start at 2:50) here: https://youtu.be/hzMsKHQswr4