October 1, 2019 Blog, Press Release

KDP Slams Bevin for Taking State Plane to Hopkinsville to Spend “30 minutes on key themes for his re-election bid”

Matt Bevin took the taxpayer-funded state plane to Hopkinsville yesterday, according to public flight tracking.

Upon his arrival, Bevin spent “30 minutes on key themes for his re-election bid, and a campaign worker told the audience she had yard signs and bumper stickers for them,” according to local reporting from the Hoptown Chronicle.

This comes as Matt Bevin has been under fire for secretly using the taxpayer-funded state plane for political and personal flights, and telling taxpayers that how he uses the plane is “none of their business.”

Over the weekend, the Bevin administration took a taxpayer-funded state jet to New Mexico for a mysterious trip and has so far refused to give a public explanation for the travel.

Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party, said: “Matt Bevin continues to insult Kentucky families by using the taxpayer-funded state plane like it’s his own private air service to bail out his weak and failing campaign. He needs to stop hiding and immediately explain when and why he’s using the state plane. Kentuckians own the plane and it’s their business to know.”