October 9, 2019 Blog, Press Release

KDP Slams Bevin for Taking Taxpayer-Funded State Plane to Henderson for Fundraiser

Still under fire for using taxpayer-funded state planes for secretive political and personal uses, the Kentucky Democratic Party is calling out Matt Bevin for taking a state aircraft to Henderson this week for a political fundraiser.

On Monday, Bevin took the state plane to Henderson, according to public flight tracking, where his campaign was hosting a fundraiser within thirty minutes of his flight landing.










This is just the latest instance of Bevin misusing taxpayer funds by secretly using the state planes for political and personal flights. Bevin previously told taxpayers that how he uses the plane is “none of their business.”

Kenny Colston, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party, said: “This is just another instance of Matt Bevin continuing to insult Kentucky families by using the taxpayer-funded state plane like it’s his own private air service to bail out his weak and failing campaign. It’s time for Bevin to come clean about his use of the planes and stop wasting taxpayer resources.”