May 4, 2020 Blog, Press Release

Kentucky GOP Leadership Stays Silent on Shocking Behavior in Recent Weeks

Kentucky Republicans continued their streak of unacceptable behavior over the weekend as several state representatives and one state senator took part in a “protest” that was filled with thinly-veiled undertones of racism and white supremacy.

Most notable, in a now deleted post, State Rep. Savannah Maddox stood next to a woman holding up a hand signal that the Anti-Defamation League says is a “sincere expression of white supremacy and has ties to several out of state white supremacy groups.

The “protest” also contained several displays of the Confederate flag.

It’s just the latest in a long-line of issues for the Republican Party of Kentucky.

“Since January, two Kentucky Republicans have been arrested for DUI, one has been arrested for domestic violence, and now multiple Republicans have aligned themselves with white supremacy and racist imagery,” Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party, said. “It’s clear Kentucky Republicans cannot be trusted to lead the Commonwealth. Kentuckians deserve better than this.”

A recent history of accepting and promoting racism in the KY GOP

Supporting racists and white supremacy isn’t new for the KY GOP. Saturday’s incident is just months after State Senator Phillip Wheeler was caught using racist language and posting racist imagery on his Facebook page.

Kentucky Republicans never said a word and still haven’t after the posts were unveiled in January.

In February Republican Congressman Thomas Massie was one of four Republicans to vote against an anti-lynching bill.  No response from Kentucky GOP.

In April, it was revealed that Massie’s primary opponent, Todd McMurty, had racist tweets of his own.  The only Republican who got upset in Kentucky was Massie.

The problem goes back to the 2018 election cycle as well when racist social media posts by former State Rep. Phil Moffett were revealed, and a former Mitch McConnell staffer who had appeared in ads for Andy Barr also had racist tweets and more.

“It’s sad the Republican Party of Kentucky continues to attract and support racists in their party,” McNee said. “After at least two years of issues, it’s time for all Kentucky Republican elected officials to publicly condemn this in their party once and for all.”

During global pandemic, Kentucky Republicans continue to misbehave

When they aren’t supporting racists and white supremacists, other Kentucky Republicans are having trouble staying out of jail.

Three Republicans have been arrested in recent weeks. State Rep. Robert Goforth was arrested for domestic violence and the KDP immediately called for his resignation.

One elected official, State Rep Derek Lewis, and one Republican candidate, Monteia Mundy, have been arrested for DUI in the last few weeks. That’s right, at a time when Kentuckians are suppose to be “healthy at home” and bars are closed, Republicans are getting arrested for driving drunk.

“Kentucky Republicans like to tell themselves that they had a ‘Bevin problem’ in 2019, it’s becoming pretty clear that there’s just a ‘Republican Problem’ in 2020. Kentucky deserves leaders who can be counted on to help Governor Beshear restart, and rebuild, the economy. The last three weeks has been Republicans gone wild. It’s absurd.”