May 27, 2020 Blog, Press Release

Maddox Must Resign Day 3: Controversial and Racist Tweets Exposed

After days of deflections about her coziness with a white supremacy group, recently revealed tweets from Rep. Savannah Maddox shows she has a history of racist and controversial ideas.

Maddox has been photographed at least twice with members of the Kentucky chapter of the Three Percenters, including the president of the chapter that hung Gov. Andy Beshear in effigy over the weekend. But she has deflected calls for her resignation due to her association.

She has also spent the last 24 hours scrambling to delete old tweets.

“It’s time for Rep. Maddox to stop pretending to be a victim. She knows that her own words expose the truth for what it is, that’s why she’s been frantically trying to delete the tweets that have been exposed over the last few days,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for Kentucky Democrats. “ She has insulted too many Kentuckians for too long. It’s time for her to apologize to the Governor and his family. It is time for her to apologize to her colleagues in the General Assembly for her awful behavior. It’s time for her to apologize to the public. If she cannot bring herself to do the right thing, then it’s time for her to go. And it’s time for Speaker Osborne and Senate President Stivers to rein in their members who have crossed way too many lines at this point. Kentucky deserves better.”

In now deleted tweets from 2015, it’s clear Rep. Maddox has always held racist beliefs. In an October 2015 tweet, Maddox responded to someone calling President Barack Obama a “coon” by saying that “Obama is not black. He is of African ancestry, not sharing the Black American heritage or experience.”




























In a March 2015 tweet, Maddox said that “childhood sexual assault and neglect” was the reason for homosexuality and that she blamed the parents and LGBTQ people for their sexual preferences.







In a January 2015 tweet she claimed Islam is a “faith about destruction” and that there are no Islamic “hospitals, orphanages or universities.”