September 14, 2020 Blog, Press Release

MASK OFF: Republican Leaders and Statewide Officials Attend INDOOR Fundraiser with No Masks

Late Friday night, the Kentucky Republicans showed their true colors by posting photos of statewide officials and several state senators and state representatives attending an INDOOR fundraiser.

The State Senate Republican Campaign Committee (SRCCC)  twitter account posted photos of  a fundraiser Friday night for State Sen. John Shickel. Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, and several other state representatives and state senators also appear to have attended. In only one photo are people wearing masks and even then, it is less than five visible masks.


















Despite their claims of being pro-mask, Republicans are clearing and openly flaunting state and White House recommendations about indoor events and mask wearing,

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said the fundraiser and the promotion of it shows Kentucky Republicans don’t care about public health.

“Holding an indoor fundraiser of more than 10 people and with no elected officials wearing masks shows that Kentucky Republicans are not being honest when they say we’re wearing masks and think the people of Kentucky should too. It’s clear all of the Republican grumbling is petty political posturing and they don’t care about public health.”