September 14, 2020 Blog, Press Release

Maskless Cameron Takes Selfie with Racist Biker While Breonna Taylor’s Family Continues to Mourn

In what is his latest embarrassment, Attorney General Daniel Cameron attended an indoor fundraiser for a state senator on Friday, with very few masks, and gleefully took photos with a woman who makes fun of the Black Lives Matter movement, while posting other racists memes on social media.

The State Senate Republican campaign committee (SRCCC)  twitter account posted photos of Cameron attending a fundraiser Friday night for State Sen. John Shickel.

When Cameron wasn’t openly flaunting state and White House recommendations about indoor events and mask wearing, he was gleefully posing for photos with a woman who posts racist memes on her instagram page.


















While Cameron was partying with people who say “all lives splatter” on her instagram page, the mother of Breoanna Taylor was making a passionate public plea for Cameron to stop dragging his feet on the investigation into Taylor’s death on her own instagram account.

Sunday marked six months since Taylor’s death. Instead of providing a resolution to his investigation, Cameron is partying maskless with political donors.

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa McNee said Cameron’s decision to attend political fundraisers maskless and take photos with people who post racist memes while Taylor’s family suffers causes a lack of confidence in Cameron’s abilities.

“Daniel Cameron has completely dropped the ball as attorney general. When he’s not in court trying to put Kentuckians at risk during a pandemic, he’s dragging his feet on justice for  Breonna Taylor. Breonna Taylor’s mother has been pleading for justice for her daughter, and instead Daniel Cameron is spending his time posing with a woman who mocks victims of police brutality as criminals and thieves. It’s disgusting and he should be ashamed of himself.”