June 24, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Matt Bevin at Fundraiser in San Diego: ‘California is worth fighting for’

Matt Bevin spent the weekend in San Diego, California at a fundraiser, stating on video: “California is worth it. California is worth fighting for.”

Meanwhile back at home, Frankfort is engulfed in dysfunction and chaos.

That includes a looming public pension crisis that could hurt thousands of public employees. In fact, a social worker in Kentucky recently wrote in the Louisville Courier-Journal, “Kentucky Republicans, led by Gov. Matt Bevin, have toyed with the lives and pensions of quasi-governmental agency employees for far too long.”

Additionally, Bevin is locked in nasty and growing feud with his own lieutenant governor. After first claiming he had no role in the controversial firings, Bevin has refused to answer questions following a statement from his chief of staff, who was forced to take responsibility for undermining Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton. In fact, the Lexington Herald-Leader recently previewed how this GOP civil war could turn into an extended legal battle.

“Matt Bevin consistently helps out-of-state CEOs and special interests at the expense of working families in Kentucky,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “Kentuckians are worried about rising health care costs and the security of their pensions. Instead of trying to fix the dysfunction he’s creating in Frankfort, Matt Bevin has anything but Kentucky on his mind.”

Click here to watch the video of Matt Bevin speaking at a fundraiser in San Diego over the weekend.