June 27, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Matt Bevin Defies Lt. Governor Hampton, Says His Chief of Staff “Absolutely” Can Fire Her Staff

Governor Matt Bevin is undermining Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton by saying his chief of staff “absolutely” has the right to fire her staff.

Jenean Hampton strongly disagrees. In response to the news that Bevin’s chief of staff fired her staff without her knowledge, she sent out a scathing statement last week calling Bevin’s top aid a “partisan hack” who “clearly overstepped his boundaries.”

Hampton, who only has one staffer left, also said: “Every Kentuckian should be concerned that an unelected bureaucrat appears to have power over the office of the Lieutenant Governor.”

Last week, the Lexington Herald-Leader previewed how this growing controversy between Jenean Hampton and Matt Bevin could quickly turn into an extended legal battle, with a former assistant federal prosecutor in Lexington saying: “All this is a matter that I believe the Kentucky Supreme Court will have the final say on.”

“Matt Bevin is once again publicly at odds with Jenean Hampton,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party.  “This governor bullies teachers and undermines his own lieutenant governor instead of focusing on the challenges hurting Kentuckians. It’s no wonder Frankfort is completely dysfunctional and we’re on the brink of a major public pension meltdown.”

You can see video of the exchange here.