July 1, 2019 Blog, Press Release

Matt Bevin Doubles Down on Bullying Teachers: ‘I regret nothing that I have ever said about an educator. Nothing.’

Matt Bevin is doubling down on his record of attacking and bullying teachers. On WKYT’s Kentucky’s Newsmakers over the weekend, Bevin said: “I regret nothing that I have ever said about an educator. Nothing.”

Bevin has previously said Kentucky educators have a “thug mentality.” He also compared them to “drowning victims” that “you just need to knock them out and drag them to shore.”

This comes as Matt Bevin is also refusing to rule out fining Kentucky teachers $1,000 a day after his labor cabinet secretary sent subpoenas to school districts for the names of educators, who demonstrated at the capitol in support of public education and retirement security.

Matt Bevin was asked directly on Friday: “So teachers don’t face a possible fine?”

Instead of ruling out that his administration would fine teachers after rounding up their names, Bevin responded: “It’s like asking me to predict what the cost of Netflix or gasoline or milk is gonna be a month or a week or a year from now. Whoever is doing the analysis of the information will make that determination. That will come out of our labor cabinet.”

“Matt Bevin is doubling down on bullying educators, while threatening to fine them up to $1,000 a day for demonstrating at the capitol. These are our friends, neighbors and family members; it is wrong. Instead of trying to run teachers out of Kentucky, this governor should fire his labor cabinet secretary if he doesn’t stop trying to round up the names of teachers and fine them,” said Marisa McNee, KDP spokesperson. “We need a governor like Andy Beshear who actually cares about public education and will fight for policies that respect the hard work of educators and public school staff.”